Biopharma consultants

Our Strategic Partners

We tap into a network of the best and brightest professional service providers and sets of critical expertise to help you build a cohesive team, including:
• Investment bankers
• Venture capital groups
• Attorneys
• Accountants and finance teams
• Regulatory specialists
• Clinical development experts
• Toxicology experts
• Formulation development groups
• Technical writers
• Project management specialists
• Data analysts and business analysts
• Market research firms
• Investor relations firms
• Public relations agencies
• Advertising agencies
• Graphic designers
• Organizational development and leadership coaching professionals

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Biopharma consultants

Organizational Development Partners

Identifying and building sound strategies is just the first step. The best business strategies may still flounder if they do not fit together with your organizational dynamics and capabilities. When the success of new strategic directions depends on strong, flexible, capable leadership, we partner with organizational development experts to take the necessary steps (e.g., executive coaching, leadership training, team-building, etc.) to ensure that your business strategies align with your organization’s human side.

Many of the businesses in our network have worked together and enjoy the camaraderie that businesses can leverage to quickly build a tightly-integrated, effective business team.

Marketing, strategy and corporate development services as well as interim staffing for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.